Sabre"Onawhim's Bi Night Guardian" Sabre

Dear Sabre…..
I will always keep you in my heart. You were the first puppy out of my very first litter. From the moment I held your little body in my hands I knew you were going to be the special one in my life. I loved watching you grow to a beautiful adult. I cried happy tears when you became my first champion. I cried even harder the night you left me. I held you close and then laid you down and you knew it was time. My sweet boy I still cry when I think of you.  I miss you all the time.

Special Ones

"Rythm's Whimsical Guardian" - Angel

Angel Was a sweet girl with a lovely silver coat. She loved to have her belly rubbed.

We lost Angel in the spring of 2017 at the age of 15+ years. A void that will never be filled came when she left. The sweetest dog ever. We miss her so much.


"Spring's Magic At Onawhim" - Sprite

Sprite let nothing stand in her way! She never ceased to amaze us!
She may Have been little but no one got the best of her.

Sprite went to Rainbow Bridge December 31 2016
We will miss her funny, feisty ways. Now she has no disabilities to keep her down.


"Rythm's Bewitched Onawhim" - Spell

Just before Christmas 2015 my daughter said good bye to her best friend. Spell is hugely missed.  We loved you girl!


"Windgates Rythm Summer Breeze" Breeze

Breeze was our first show girl. She placed every day on her first weekend out. She received five points and a B.O.W. She made us proud! The start of onawhim forever in our hearts. We miss you so much.


"Rythm's Bi The Silvery Moon" - Panda

Our beautiful Panda went to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday, October 22, 2012

Panda always kept her dignity and loving nature even when she was ill. We remember well the first time we met her as a very young puppy. Fell in love right from the start. We will miss her sweetness, her belief that there was only one dog in the house ever, her beautiful eyes and happy expression. Run pain free Panda. Wait for us at the Bridge with Meggie, Dawson, Fred and your daughter Tia, so we can all be together again. We love you!


"Onawhim's Silver Moon Beam" - Tia

A wagging tail is what this girl is noted for. Speak to her and her tails never stops! Tia is living with my son and hogging his bed!

Dear Tia: Thank you for making Eddie's life so much better the last few years. You helped him get through a pretty rough time and for that I will forever remember you. Such a beautiful soul shone out of your eyes. With your funny ways and happy personality you made all of us smile. We love you girl and will miss you... but Ed will especially miss you in his home and heart. You left this world way too soon. Run free now and please wait for us at the Bridge. xoxo   2005 - 2012


Tilly is our non-sheltie.

Her birthday is April 17, 1999. She loves to play and cuddle with everyone.
Her favourite toy is a anythings she can shake!

Tilly left us just before she was 15 years old. There just will never be another like her no matter how long we look. we so miss her.


"Sarita's On A Whim"

   The Canine love of my life and the beginning of my love for shelties.
       Born June 29,1987 went to Rainbow Bridge October 9,2000


"Onawhim's Autumn Warrior" - Cody

On July 11, 2007 Cody went to Rainbow bridge. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Sweet Dreams little man. 

Your laughing eyes will always be in my memory.


"Onawhim's Gold Fever" - Dawson

Dawson .. he was going to be our next show dog but that was not meant to be and at 2 years he was neutered. Then he just had to be what he always was... A funny, loving, gentle guy who never met a stranger. Who could make us laugh no matter what with his unexpected, impish ways. His beauty in spirit as well as in face made every day golden.


"Onawhim's Maple Sugar" - Rosie

Rosie became an adopted Onawhim girl when she was found in her twilight years. She was given the name "Onawhim's Maple Sugar" because "she was brown, little and sweet". Rosie went to the Bridge on January 23, 2009. She will be greatly missed by her loving family. 


Fred wanted an Onawhim name too. She was known as "Onawhim's Fancy Lady".

Fred, the sweetest and smartest beagle, in our opinion, in the world.

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader.

He Will Be Yours, Faithful And True, To The Last Beat Of His Heart.
You Owe It To Him To Be Worthy Of Such Devotion." 
-- Unknown